radiator vat

When you take your vehicle to a professional radiator repair facility, any of five different procedures may take place, all of which involve removing the radiator from the vehicle.

1. Flush and Radiator Repair - using a high-powered spray, the outside is cleaned, followed by an internal flush. Upon passing a pressure test to see if repair is needed, the radiator is then re-installed and refilled.

2. Clean and Repair - the radiator is cleaned inside and out by immersion in a vat of industrial strength cleaner. Upon removal from the vat, the radiator is flushed a second time, then pressure tested and inspected to see if the radiator is in need of repair. if no repairs are required, the radiator is then re-installed in the vehicle and filled.

3. Rod-out and Radiator Repair - In addition to the above, the radiator tank is removed and tubes are reamed out using a special cleaning rod. This is a form of radiator repair.

4. Newcone / Recone - Damaged radiator components are replace and a new cone is installed.

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